Marqués de Murrieta
Son Bordils

Finca Son Bordils

Finca Son Bordils was founded by Dn. Joan Bordils i Pont on 18 January 1433 following the acquisition of the Farmhouse dels Febrers and other lands to Dn. Matthew Gallur and grouping them on the land purchased by his father, Dan. Bernat de Bordils, from the 1360s, some of them already occupied by vineyards at the time of purchase.

It is known that the mid-fifteenth century the Finca Son Bordils was already dedicated to the production of wine because, during forana revolta (1450-1452), the estate was sacked yielding a bounty of around 50,000 liters.

The splendor of the property took place in the second half of the nineteenth century. In 1860, Finca Son Bordils was the largest extension of the term of Inca and one of the three major wine producers of the municipality.

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Inca city has historically been the capital of Mallorca winemaking. In the early twentieth century, Inca had 60 or wine cellars. Many of them have disappeared, but some have survived as restaurants.