Marqués de Murrieta
Son Bordils


The set of houses that form the old possessió Son Bordils, until recently affected by a major breakdown, are being recovered by the new owners, Ramon and Pere Coll, after being acquired from the Alzina Foundation. In total the transaction included the 2,700 square meters of houses and 230,000 other meters of land where they are located.

Inca City Council had issued a command to the previous owner, for years, forcing the immediate completion of renovation work of the houses to slow its degradation. Order to be disregarded altogether, claiming Alzina Foundation did not have the necessary money to meet the works.

The current owners are conducting a first phase of reform that aims to meet the requirements of City Hall. So right now has prioritized the old cellar of the property in the last renovation could date from the late nineteenth century. This part has been completely cleared of vegetation and have polished the original elements. Now the roof was reconstructed to ensure full preservation. The same with the roof of the old houses of lords will also be.

The City estimated an investment of 400,000 euros just for the acquisition and preservation of houses. The new owner believes that the initial investment will be less.

The intention of the owners is to create a project of wine in homes with visits to the cellar and other actions, and always linking it with the wineries. It is expected that within a year the first phase can be ready. Then comes the second stage to address the restoration of the remaining elements of a listed assembly and protected by the City.

The mayor, Rafel Torres, meanwhile explains that "the restoration is a double satisfaction because, not only is recovering an asset of great value but also is streamlining commercially" he says.